Note that these transcripts has not been proof read by Geshela, please refer to
the respective sound files under General for clarification.


1.  All About Meditation

2.  How to set up the Altar and Offerings

3.  Conventional truth & Ultimate Truth

4.  Daily Prayers 

5.  Difference between Initiation, oral transmission and commentaries

6.  Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism

7.  Life after life

8.  Living in morality

9.  Meditation on Medicine Buddha

10. Meditation and Visualization

11. Path of liberation

12. Prayers for different Purposes

13. Precious Human Rebirth (1)

14. Precious Human Rebirth (2)

15. Preliminary Practices

16. Relying on the Guru

17.Taking refuge in the three Jewels and Six Perfection

18.The Way to Maintain Health 

19.Transforming Problem

20.Wishing to engage Tantra

21. Hand Mudras

22. Explanation of Different Mantras

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