Merely seeing this mantra purifies 100 million eons of negative karma.
This is said by Buddha in the sutra, Pag pa chu lung röl pa’i do.

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The Unmistaken Child 2008

-in search of a Holy child,the reincarnation of Geshe Lama Konchog

Phuntsok Rinpoche Australian Tour 2015

1. Visit to Hobart Tasmania
Part 1
Part 2

2. Visit to Kunsang Yeshe Retreat Center

3. Visit to Atisha Buddhist Center
- Offering to Geshe Lama Konchong relics

4. Visit to Hayagriva Center Perth

Geshe Zopa was awarded the Global Peace Leadership and Excellence Award by World CSR (corporate social responsibility) Day
organizers on the occasion of World CSR Congress’s eighth annual celebration of World CSR Day on February 18, 2019 which was held in
Mumbai, India.The mission of World Peace Congress is to bring together experts with solutions to major issues occurring in our
personal lives, homes, schools, businesses, and communities.  Speech

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